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Are You?

Emotionally Overwhelmed 

Do you want to let go of the past
and create your future?

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 We help those who are stuck in the past to let go of heavy emotion so they can live fully and love freely with connection and passion to live their purpose! 

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Join the 5-Day
Phoenix Challenge 

All participants will get a Free Book PDF
"From Darkness to Light"

6 Deadly Issues

One "Kor" Solution

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Meet our Lead Hypnotherapist

Pennie M Wilson

Hi! I am Pennie Wilson, a Life-Mastery Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, CHT. I am the author of From Darkness to Light, and the co-founder of Kokoro Hypnotherapy.

Fifteen years ago, when my five kids were young, I had a huge desire to make a difference in the world! I felt deep inside me I was born to become more than what I saw in myself then. And yet, I felt so much confusion and doubt. My desire to help others comes from the deep pain I felt then.

It was in my garden that I learned to ask questions, listen to intuition, and get the guidance I needed to live my purpose and satisfy my longing to make a difference in the world. Now I can say that I know deep in my bones that the opposite of a victim is a creator.

Our 'Kor' Guiding Community Values​​

As you will discover in the 5-Day Challenge, the gateway to our community, we strive to live what we teach by changing ourselves and lifting others because we believe that is how we can change the world.

Our three "Kor" Guiding Values are: Curiosity, Vulnerability, and Intuition. We apply these values in word and action (getting better every day) as follows: 

  • Our Emotionally Safe Environment: We create safe environments of learning for all to question, discuss, and share without criticism or belittlement. Those who are openly cynical, bully, or verbally abusive will be invited to leave. 
  • Universal Spiritual Language: With the intention to guide you to receive answers from inside you, our Vision is to UNITE those that believe in a Higher Power by the use of Universal metaphorical language (like "Darkness and Light") to allow you to put the context of your personal beliefs into each session.
  • Equality: As we create a community of safety, we strive to remove the need for intellectual superiority through the mindset of equality. We believe that no matter where you are on your journey (See the 3 Phases in the Phoenix Webinar) each of us has something we can contribute AND something we can learn from each other. 

Learn more about
Pennie M Wilson 

Author, Mother, & Queen of Transformation


Get The Answers You Need

If you have any questions, please reach out after you do your part to get them answered. 
Here are your options:

Questions on Hypnotherapy: The Phoenix Webinar walks through an overview of options on your Transformation Journey.

Our Website grouphypno.com can also answer your deeper questions on hypnotherapy.

​If you have done your homework and still have questions, please schedule a Free Consultation HERE. We look forward to connecting with you!


Discovery Videos


The Hero's Journey Podcast

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Discover the hero within as we explore the unique narratives that shape our lives. Whether you're aware of it or not, you are the protagonist of your own story. Join us on this podcast journey where we aim to empower those navigating their own Hero's Journey. Gain insights into the patterns of adventure, setbacks, and ultimate triumphs that define your personal narrative.

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Episode 1- The Dream Giver, Chapter 1
Have you ever wondered if your life has a purpose? Do you feel the call of Greatness? In this episode, Pennie reads a pattern of The Hero's Journey to help you see where you are.  Listen To More

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Episode 2- Pennie's Story
This is a "Tic-Toc spoof" of me interviewing myself to show an example for other creators who I will be interviewing in upcoming episodes of the Hero Journey's Podcast.  Listen To More

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Episode 3- Interview with author, JenniLyn Young
Homeschool mom, Author, and wife, JL Young shares her Hero's Journey of how she because the woman she is today!


All Our Products

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Life Coaching and 1:1 Hypnotherapy

Queen of Transformation

Our highest level of service offers you daily access to Life Coaching and Weekly sessions of 1:1 Private Hypnotherapy. 

You will get:

  • ​6 Weeks of Daily Access so you can get your questions answered quickly
  • 6 Weekly Sessions of Private 1:1 Hypnotherapy, so you can customize your transformation to exactly what matters to you
  • ​6 Weeks of Group Hypno, so you can connect with a community of powerful women just like you
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1:1 Private Hypnotherapy

Customized Transformation

Private hypnotherapy offers you the ability to access answers inside of you through guided conversations with your subconscious mind.  Through this powerful tool of transformation you will be able to uncover what your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from, connect with your Higher Self, and heal Your Inner Child. Removing the blocks inside of you will open you up to a new awareness and freedom that you might have thought was not possible. Your life will become like a blank slate where you have power to create the life you desire. 

You will get:

  • 6 Weekly Sessions of Private 1:1 Hypnotherapy, so you can customize your transformation to exactly what matters to you​​
  • ​6 Weeks of Group Hypno, so you can connect with a community of powerful women just like you
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GROUP HYPNO Monthly Subscription

Customized Group Sessions

Connect with a Community just like you. Each group is customized to the similarities that will help them support one another. Add a description here of what the product is, WHY it is so amazing, WHY they need it, and what they'll learn/discover from it.

Inside, we'll show you:

  •   Weekly sessions of Group Hypno, so you can connect with a community of powerful women just like you
  • Affordable so you can keep growing in your transformation because we're never done discovering our purpose
  • ​Community, so we can connect, share, and grow together on our path of transformation

My Trance-Formational BLOG

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Friday, December 22, 2023

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